Types & Costs of Parking Permits

In order for students to utilize the on-campus parking lots of North Central College, they must first obtain a valid academic year parking permit from the Department of Campus Safety. Without a valid parking permit, a citation may be issued for failure to display a permit.

Types of Parking Permits

Parking Permits are made available to students in differing colors, shapes, as well as prices, in accordance with their individual parking needs. Whether a student is a commuter, a graduate, a resident, or even a first-year resident, each of these factors determines the type of permit that may be purchased by the student. The type of permit which is issued to the student determines which parking lots the student may utilize, whether resident or commuter.

Commuter Parking Permits - $100.00/academic year
  • For Students commuting to campus for classes.
  • Commuter parking lots are situated close to academic buildings.
  • Abundance of street parking. Naperville parking limitations are 4 hours in one space.
  • Commuter permits are not valid for overnight parking in any campus parking lot without prior written authorization from the Department of Campus Safety.
Resident Parking Permits - $400.00/academic year
  • Available to students residing on campus.
  • Provide the student authorization to park in any designated Resident parking lot 24/7 unless otherwise communicated by the Department of Campus Safety.
Remote Lot Parking Permits - $100.00/academic year
  • Required for first-year resident students bringing a vehicle to campus.
  • Also available to any sophomore, junior, and/or senior status residents wishing to save money while having a vehicle accessible to them at a short distance away.
  • The Remote Lot is located at 1155 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540.
  • Under no circumstances are vehicles bearing remote lot parking permits allowed to park in campus parking lots.
  • Citations will be issued to remote lot vehicles in campus parking lots.
Graduate Parking Permits - Free for enrolled graduate studies students
  • Graduate permits are provided free of charge to graduate degree seeking students.
  • Authorizes the graduate student to utilize the designated commuter parking lots after 4:00PM. Parking on campus before 4:00PM may result in the issuance of a citation.

Graduate Assistant Parking Permits

Graduate Assistants are eligible to receive a supplementary parking permit authorizing the use of Faculty/Staff & Student parking lots during regular business hours. Please visit the Department of Campus Safety to receive your supplementary parking permit.

Temporary Parking Permits 
  • Available to students for up to seven days within one academic term. Allows students or guests of students to park in the Front Merner Field House, Larrance Academic Center, or Upper Highland parking lots.
  • Common reasons for getting a temporary parking permit include:
  1. Purchasing a new vehicle while already having a permit, but not having permanent license plates.
  2. Using a different vehicle than usual for a short duration of time while personal vehicle is in the shop or unavailable.
  3. Visitors of students, or students themselves who wish to bring a vehicle to campus temporarily.
  • Temporary permits must be displayed on the vehicle at all times while the vehicle is on campus in order to not receive a citation. Students with visitors are held responsible for their visitor while on campus.

For more information, you can contact the Parking and Transportation Services Coordinator at 630-637-5664 during regular business hours (8:00AM-5:00PM). If you require immediate assistance, please contact Campus Safety at 630-637-5911.